Luxury Vacation Rental Business Says Bonjour to NurtureMyLeads, Bon Voyage to Cumbersome Marketing Platforms

Faced with some last-minute availability for a few properties in Time & Place’s luxury vacation rental portfolio, the company’s marketing director had a near-instant solution ready to deploy. It was NurtureMyLeads, a new marketing automation software that leverages customer data and individual behaviors to inform and drive every marketing interaction in real time.

Feeling the pressure to fill the vacancies quickly, Time & Place’s Mike Guinan grabbed a few property photos off of the company’s website, loaded them into the NurtureMyLeads system, added the margins of a basic design, dropped in his text and sent a few tests. Ready to go, he sent the email off to the company’s list of subscribers, inviting them to consider the newly available properties for their luxury experiences.

“It took about 15 minutes to create the entire campaign and send it out to 100,000 people. We got several high value inquiries out of it.”

—Mike Guinan, VP Marketing, Time & Place

For users such as Guinan, the NurtureMyLeads platform is surprising for its depth, breadth and usability. The platform includes a:

  • centralized marketing database
  • customer acquisition and relationship marketing platform that enables lead generation across channels ranging from email to landing pages to direct mail
  • proprietary self-learning analytics engine
  • automation to drive scale and promote self-use
  • a scalable, multi-tenant, distributed platform that runs in the cloud

Before NurtureMyLeads, Guinan relied on a mix of marketing tools including Salesforce’s ExactTarget and Pardot, Constant Contact, Eloqua and Marketo.

Then, in August, he learned about NurtureMyLeads’ lower-cost recipe of data, machine learning and marketing automation. He took the software for a test drive, and with its drag-and-drop workflows for campaigns, was immediately struck by how quickly and intuitively the platform performed.

“This was by far much faster and easier to learn and use,” Guinan says. “I am a visual person, and it lays everything out visually whereas other products don’t do that.”

Cloud-based Marketing Automation, Done Better

NurtureMyLeads is the only marketing automation software company offering inbound and outbound marketing services with an underlying database that today includes access to 235 million consumers and 40 million business contacts.

Small and Medium Business Marketers Want Big Solutions

When it comes to marketing to potential vacationers, Time & Place’s portfolio of mansions, villas, chateaus and penthouses requires a high degree of detail, responsiveness and personal touch.

Founded in 2001 by CEO Mitch Willey, Time & Place began as a new concept in vacation rentals: to provide travelers with luxurious villas, homes and apartments – with no memberships or strings attached – but with personalized concierge service. Today, the company has more than 200 properties in 35 locations ranging from Paris to Puerto Vallarta to Phuket.

Ideally, the marketing automation tools for reaching these busy, discerning customers should also be nimble, quick and targeted. Until NurtureMyLeads, however, they weren’t, Guinan says.

“We were using an expensive designer to create all of our emails every week,” he says. “We would have to give him plenty of lead time and then wait for him to design it and do the code. Then we would take the code, put it in ExactTarget, do some tests, and make sure it worked. If it didn’t work, we had to go back to the designer and have him tweak it.”

These changes were not only time consuming; they were costly. “It was really inefficient,” Guinan says, “and we had to plan our email schedule several weeks ahead of time. It certainly didn’t accommodate our need for a quick and easy effort to fill last-minute vacancies.”

Tapping Lead Potential

With NurtureMyLeads’ monthly subscriptions ranging from $500-$5,000, small-and medium-sized businesses can gain the advantages of marketing automation without the large budgets required to support enterprise systems and big agency fees.

These businesses – even some enterprise-level companies - have a hard time determining their best customer demographic and econometric footprint. This is where NurtureMyLeads can provide the simplicity of automated, pre-defined database segments, combined with push- button, pre-packaged campaigns to enable its customers to get to market quicker and drive inbound or outbound marketing and sales promotions with minimal headcount and technology skillsets.

Time & Place, for example, is only beginning to scratch the surface of what the software can do, Guinan says.

“For us the big thing is efficiency,” he says. “Now, I’m paying less on designer time, while moving much faster and more nimbly.”

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