Cloud Wrangler Uses NurtureMyLeads to Orchestrate Industrial Curtain Company’s Market Debut

For cloud service provider Cloud Wrangler, NurtureMyLeads is a winning double play: a cloud-based technology solution that fits nicely with the other technology solutions the company offers its clients and a fully integrated database marketing system to boost its in-house services.

When Ron Renjilian, Cloud Wrangler’s CEO, participated in a NurtureMyLeads demonstration in the spring of 2014, he found a simple and affordable online marketing automation tool that fit three important criteria required of all products before being adopted into the company’s suite of best-in-class technology solutions.

NurtureMyLeads platform is:

  • cloud based
  • offers a scalable entry point price that fits the budget requirements of the small and medium business market
  • integrates with data, which is a major advantage for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have such skills in house

After the demo, Renjilian added NurtureMyLeads to his company’s lineup of cloud-based technology solutions. “There’s a sell-to and a sell-through,” he says. “The solution is nascent enough that it’s a real advantage for us.”

NurtureMyLeads is also the only marketing automation software company offering inbound and outbound marketing services with an underlying database that today includes access to 235 million consumers and 40 million business contacts.

For Renjilian, the NurtureMyLeads monthly subscription pricing of $500-$5,000 (depending on number of contacts) is the other major selling point for small and medium businesses who previously couldn’t afford such solutions.

“At these economic price points, I can compete with the big guys,” he says. “I now have access to a powerhouse database and highly intuitive marketing automation tool at a fraction of the going rate for this kind of functionality. This helps me market my own business and helps me provide my clients with a competitive advantage when it comes to their marketing needs, too.”

First Client Sees Results

After implementing NurtureMyLeads, Cloud Wrangler quickly launched its first marketing campaign for Strip Curtain Direct, a Sterling Brands company making a debut in the industrial vinyl curtain marketplace.

Strip Curtain Direct was in a challenging position. It had a higher quality product, disruptive pricing, and is manufactured in the U.S., but was unknown in the marketplace.

After just an hour of exploring the NurtureMyLeads platform, Rick Esterline, chief marketing officer for Cloud Wrangler, knew enough to get Strip Curtain Direct’s marketing campaign underway.

With NurtureMyLeads’ sophisticated database capabilities, he was able to acquire the data to reach warehouse managers. He then used the software’s easy drag-and-drop design to plan an edgy email and direct mail campaign designed to shake up the industrial vinyl curtain marketplace.

“We hit those three value propositions in the messaging,” Esterline says, and with each successive month the NurtureMyLeads metrics have allowed him to refine the marketing plan in a data-driven way.
“The client is really happy,” Renjilian says. “They went from no sales to now they are doing business.”

Esterline says he could use other marketing automation tools, but he finds NurtureMyLeads the easiest and fastest.
“At this point,” he says, “It's the only solution I would consider for the work we’re doing, both for our own company and for our clients.”

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