Smart Strategy, Data Augmentation, Data Integration & Smart Segmentation, Dynamic Content, Automated Message Tracks, A/B testing, Intelligent & Actionable Reports.

What We Do

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The first step is to listen to you and create a customized strategy and an implementation plan to accelerate and drive revenue using data, automation and reporting. We will work with your team for optimum results.

Data Integration

We analyze your data to identify what you have and what you don’t. Then, we will augment, cleanse, de-dupe, and create an updated Data Management Platform. We will use our Smart Segmentation UI to auto target based demographic, geographic, behavioral, psychographic, purchase history and many more data points. When ready we’ll roll in advanced analytics.

Smart Campaigns

Our platform makes Marketing Automation simple to implement multi-channel/multi-track Smart Campaigns. We will build automation based on business rules and smart segmentation to deliver the most effective, finely tuned, dynamic and timely messages. Once implemented, the Smart campaigns will help you grow with minimal intervention.

Multi-Variate Testing

Test, Test and Test is our mantra. We go beyond A/B testing to create combinations that have multiple variations to find the best messages that resonate with your audience. It’s process and message improvement to test, measure and improve marketing results.

Actionable Reports

Dashboards for data visualization and to present information neatly and clearly allow you to make intelligent business decisions.

Our consultants will work with you to create a stunning dashboard with custom reports or you can choose from our pre-built reports. You can also choose our already built reporting dashboard and save time and money.

Continuous Improvement

By analyzing what's happening today and making changes to affect results tomorrow, NurtureMyLeads helps you determine where to invest your limited marketing dollars to achieve your objectives in the most effective way.

NurtureMyLeads provides services to combine data, technology and the science of Smart Campaigns to automate your Sales and Marketing process so you can stay focused on running your business.

A Smart Campaign Strategy custom built for you
No learning curve - it's a one stop full service model, we do it all
No additional platform license fee
A transition path to a Do-it-yourself model

We make Technology Driven Marketing with Automation Smart, Affordable and Simple to Use!

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The NurtureMyLeads Difference

NurtureMyLeads combines data, technology and the science of Smart Campaigns to automate the Sales and Marketing process so you can stay focused on running your business.

“I've used other database and marketing automation tools throughout my career, but NurtureMyLeads was the easiest one to implement. It has a very quick learning curve, and it also has the data capabilities that I've always wanted in a marketing tool. We are ahead of plan, and it's all because of NurtureMyLeads. This is the best marketing platform I've ever used.”
Rachel Albaugh — Vice President Marketing, MSS Technologies

    How We Do It

    Targeted Data

    Discover the characteristics of your best customers and uncover pockets of prospects within your target market who are most likely to respond to your offers.

    Automated Campaigns

    Generate new leads and more sales while creating stronger customer relationships, and engaging them with their preferred channel.

    Smart Campaigns

    Recognize and predict behavior using real-time data feeds and smart algorithms that make your campaigns smarter with every mailing.



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    Use NurtureMyLeads services to transform your marketing and drive sales and revenue.

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